Group Classes

Group Basic

For dogs 12 weeks and older, who have had little or no training. Class is limited to 10 dogs with a minimum of 2 instructors. One adult handler is required for each dog and the same handler is necessary for each class. Eight classes, a total of 12 hours of instruction, provides complete and comprehensive coverage including good manners and all the basic commands: come, walking on a loose leash (let’s go), heel, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, stand, wait, place, and finish. We emphasize reliability under practical circumstances, utilizing extensive and varied distractions. The class also deals with behavior issues-pulling, jumping, barking, housebreaking, chewing, and other problems. When compared with other area obedience classes, the Basic class at Dog Sense not only covers more complete training than taking multiple classes elsewhere, but better, more practical training too. Inexpensive at only $25.00 per hour it is a bargain for the best obedience training with a 50 year history of reliable and proven results.

1.5 hour Orientation Lecture (without dog)
7 classes (with dog) 1.5 hours each — $300.00
(12 hours of training at only $25.00 per hour)

Group Intermediate

For dogs having completed Basic obedience (group or individual). Designed to further sharpen the skills of both owner and dog, in order to prepare them for off leash obedience. Instruction will emphasize owner precision with leash as well as distance control, hand signals, moving down, moving sit, moving stand, figure 8, and heavy distractions.

5 classes (with dog)
1-1.5 hours each week — $187.00

Group Advanced

For dogs having completed Intermediate obedience. Teaches the owner the skills necessary to gain off-leash control of their dog.

6 classes (with dog)
1-1.5 hours each week — $225.00

Maintenance Program

For dogs having completed Advanced obedience. Continues to refine and polish training and add a fun way to keep practicing and working with trained dogs in a group environment. Also periodically available to our Maintenance dogs – specialty classes for competition preparation: Obedience–novice, open, and utility levels; Rally Obedience–novice, advanced, and excellent levels.

Meets twice a week on a drop-in basis
3 month membership — $225.00; 6 month membership — $360.00; 1 year membership — $540.00